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1. Holiday English Class 2016 is open for registration.  Enquire at all branches now.

2. Intensive Youth English Course (YEC) for school leavers (SPM, STPM, UEC, etc).  It includes "International Phonetic Symbols Seminar".  Intake for 2016 starts now.

3. New Adult English Classes  commence in every month.

4. Are you interested in learning  an additional language?  Call any Standard Language Centre branch for more information.

5. If your child is preparing for Standard One then why not participate at Standard Language Centre's (An Introduction to Standard One Course), specifically designed for 6-year-old students. For more information, call any Standard Language Centre branch.

Teaching Method


Our ultimate objective is to provide you with the language proficiency, which you have decided upon for your career and academia enhancements.  Our dedicated and trained teaching staffs provide comprehensive and tailor-made materials geared to your requirements.  Our syllabi are categorized into different levels to suit individual needs - from the basic level to the more advanced levels.  We also prepare you for external University of Cambridge ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) examinations to boost your linguistic confidence in different areas. 

The Basic Four Skills:-


The syllabi encompass the necessary grammar and vocabularies compatible with the different levels and needs for our students.  For instance, our Business English courses are suitable for business personnel, corporate executives as well as white and blue-collars staff.  Our Young Learners English is geared from primary to secondary school students and even the school leavers.  Adult English courses are suitable for English learners from working adults up to senior citizens.