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1. Holiday English Class 2016 is open for registration.  Enquire at all branches now.

2. Intensive Youth English Course (YEC) for school leavers (SPM, STPM, UEC, etc).  It includes "International Phonetic Symbols Seminar".  Intake for 2016 starts now.

3. New Adult English Classes  commence in every month.

4. Are you interested in learning  an additional language?  Call any Standard Language Centre branch for more information.

5. If your child is preparing for Standard One then why not participate at Standard Language Centre's (An Introduction to Standard One Course), specifically designed for 6-year-old students. For more information, call any Standard Language Centre branch.


In basic level, it emphasises on listening, speaking and reading; no writing of Chinese characters in the basic level.  We use alphabetical Chinese phonetic (汉语拼音-Han Yu Pin Yin) in our lesson.  The syllabi comprise grammar, vocabulary, conversation, character writing, role-play, singing etc. to facilitate towards the language mastery with the aid of CD and VCD/ DVD. 

The course provides variety of sentence patterns that most often needed together with many vocabularies helping the students to construct complete sentences.  We draw on easy-to-understand language and simple grammar in constructing the sentence patterns that obviously different from other languages. 

The Han Yu Pin Yin is used in basic level, whereas the simplified Chinese characters together with Han Yu Pin Yin are used in higher levels with English translation.  More and more Chinese characters writing will be introduced as you advance. 
  • 40 hours each level (approximately 5 - 6 months)
  • 30 hours each level for individual intensive training (approximately 2 - 3 months)