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ESOL Examinations

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Young Learners English (YLE)

The Cambridge Young Learners English (YLE) Tests reward children’s effort to learn English.  They are an ideal introduction to public examinations for children aged between 7 and 12, and encourage them to develop a positive attitude to language learning. 

Millions of children throughout the world are learning English.  Starting young gives them a head start with language skills that they will need throughout their education, in their working lives and many leisure activities.  The Cambridge Young Learners English Tests are designed to encourage positive learning experiences, and to allow children to experience gentle but systematic language testing. 

The tests are taken by over 200,000 children every year, in more than 50 countries.  They are run by Cambridge ESOL, a part of the University of Cambridge in England, and are set and marked by experts in language teaching and assessment. 

The tests cover all four language skills – listening, speaking and writing – at three levels.  They are linked to the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework for modern languages and to the world famous Cambridge ESOL examinations, which are taken by over a million people every year.  This means that children, their parents and their teachers are able to see real progress towards internationally recognised qualifications. 

The Tests

The Cambridge Young Learners (YLE) Tests are carefully designed to be as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.  Most children take them at their own schools, and the tests are based on activities which will be familiar to most children. 

The tests are attractive presented in full colour, and instructions are clear and simple for children to follow. 

The tests are available at three levels:

  • Starters
  • Movers
  • Flyers

The highest of these levels – Flyers – is at Level A2 of the Common European Framework, approximately equivalent to the Cambridge Key English (KET) Test.  Starters and Movers are at level A1 of the Framework. 

There are three parts to the test at each level:

  • Reading and Writing – a 'pencil and paper' test in which children show their ability to read and write simple English. 
  • Listening - a multiple-choice test in which children listen to short recorded texts and complete a number of tasks to show their level of comprehension.
  • Speaking - a short interview lasting between 5 and 9 minutes with an oral examiner who is specially trained to administer this test.  The examiners are carefully monitored by Cambridge ESOL to ensure that the same standards apply throughout the world.


Every child who takes a Cambridge Yong Learners English (YLE) Test receives an official Award, issued by Cambridge ESOL.  This shows how they performed in each of the three parts of the test. 

For each part of the test, the award shows a grade between one and five, represented by Cambridge shields. 

Nobody 'fails' the tests – the Awards show positive achievement in each skill, giving an indication of the child’s strengths and areas for improvement.  Research shows that children find these awards highly motivating, and receiving a positive reward in the early stages of learning English can make a big difference to their attitude to language learning in general. 

For more information on the Cambridge ESOL examinations, visit or enquire at Standard Language Centre.